Cat haircut: whimsy or need

What are cats being cut for? The main reason is to leave. Long hair falls into tangles that interfere with your cat’s health. They are cut during the procedure. Hygiene haircut solves a number of other problems:

  • Helps to endure heat, prevents overheating.
  • Sick or elderly animals make it easier to take care of themselves.
  • Reduces the number of bezoars in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Prevents hair from getting mixed up.
  • Reduces the amount of hair that the animal leaves in the house.

Covering the area of the hind legs and anus is cut to make it easier to keep the coat clean. It will also be needed before medical procedures on the skin.

Aesthetic (model) haircut

It is carried out for the same reasons as the hygienic one as well:

  • when the owner wants to give the animal an unusual image;
  • before the exhibition;
  • for a photo shoot.

If there is no indication for a haircut, but you just want to change your cat’s appearance, it is worth considering whether your cat needs a new haircut. It’s always stressful for her.

Types of fashion hairstyles

The lion…

Hair is perfect for Maine Coons, Siberian, Norwegian forest cats or Persian cats.

Wool from the body is cut short. The cover on a head, a breast and a neck leave long, remove hair from limbs up to joints. At the end of the tail remains a brush or herringbone.

This haircut is done in hot weather or to reduce the amount of hair on the floor.


Choose for long-haired Britons, Himalayas, Burmese cats or ragdoll breeds.

Wool shortens only on the back half of the body. The head, tail, paws and breasts are not touched.

The dragon.

This hairstyle is created for aesthetic reasons. Suitable for all long-haired cats.

The body of the cat is cut short, except for the head. On the back, a carved crest with steps, teeth or stripes is formed along the spine. Sometimes instead of a comb, Iroquois are created.


A haircut like this will help cats survive the hottest of times. Haircuts also reduce the number of tangles and the amount of moulting.

Long hair all over the body is cut to the length of the short-haired breeds. The animal looks younger and does not suffer under a frying coat.

The cat in the boots

Your hair looks like a lion. Head, tail tip, paws below the joints are not sharpened. With this hairstyle there is no “mane”.

Suitable for teddy cats: British, Scottish lopsided cats.

Creative haircut

There are no clear rules here. Everything is limited by the fantasy of the owner or groomer. You can create any pattern from wool: make waves, stripes, twisted lines. And the patterns can be on the body or tail or everywhere at once.

The groomer can offer to cut any figure: a bow, stars, etc.

Before you dare to do such a haircut, think about whether you need it. Animals don’t need patterns exactly. It will be enough to shorten its length. It often happens that creative grooming disfigures the appearance, you will have to get used to the strange look of your pet.

Features of grooming

  • You can’t cut the hair on your head. This violates the spatial orientation of the animal.
  • Hair in the ears is not removed. The cover protects against dust and foreign objects.
  • After the procedure, the coat may change its shade or structure.
  • Cats should not be haircuts: the cover should protect the skin from the sun and maintain thermoregulation.
  • The procedure is time consuming and takes from one to three hours.
  • Animals have a hard time with their haircuts. They react painfully to the owner’s laughter during and after the procedure.

Under anesthesia.

Some salons offer to cut animals under anesthesia. This is just to make it easier for the groomer to work.

A myorelaxant is administered to the animal before the procedure. The cat loses the ability to move, but remains conscious.

A haircut under anesthesia has many drawbacks:

  • The cat is aware of this. Because she can’t move and is being manipulated, she’s in a real panic.
  • Only a veterinarian should administer the drug.
  • An ECG should be performed before the procedure to rule out heart problems.
  • If a specialist does not calculate the correct dose, the muscle relaxant may disrupt breathing and cause cardiac arrest.
  • Another injection is required to keep your pet immobilized, which is also very stressful.

If several procedures are performed under anesthesia, it will not be possible to trim the cat without myorelaxant, as it will be associated with panic.

We are categorically against anaesthetic haircuts. It is better if the groomer finds an approach to the animal.

No anesthesia.

We cut cats without using myorelaxants. We will definitely find an approach to each animal, excluding violence. A cat or cat is conscious, controlling the situation, which reduces the level of stress. Over time, fluffy cats get used to manipulation and are more comfortable with it.

Grooming at home or in the salon?

The animal is more relaxed at home. However, it is not advisable to cut your cat’s hair yourself. It takes skill to grab the hair. Each area needs to be treated more than once.

Cats feel the excitement of the owner, beginning to behave restlessly. To trim the animal, you will need a helper to hold the pet.

The procedure requires a quality typewriter. A human hair clipper is not the right tool. The blades can’t cut the soft coat, but tear it.

Therefore, we recommend cutting cats in the salon, where there are experienced groomers and professional tools.

If you do decide to cut the cat at home, you will need: hunts and treat them with great peace of mind.

  • The car for grooming cats with a nozzle of 2 mm.
  • Two ridges: rare and frequent.

Before the procedure, the animal should have its claws cut off so that it does not scratch.