Proper cat care: Homecare

Proper cat care: Homecare

Many of us adore cats and, if possible, get this fluffy beauty. There are many breeds of cats: Persian, Siberian, Siamese and many others, as well as the usual breedless animals.

But whatever your favorite cat is, it requires quality care and attention anyway. What should cat care be like?

Cat and cat care rules

If you’re wondering how to care for your cat, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Toilet training;
  • Animal hygiene;
  • Proper nutrition;
  • Wool and skin care;
  • play and activity.

First of all, you need to make sure that you can provide all the necessary conditions for your new pet. If your cat will be kept in an apartment, she should have a toilet designed specifically for pets.

When choosing a cat tray, it is better to choose a plastic product rather than cardboard or wood, which can be dampened very quickly. The size of the toilet should be such that the cat is able to turn around and does not risk scattering all the filler.

It’s important to know what the cat’s toilet filler should be. There are specially designed products that can be purchased from the pet shop.

Some owners prefer to use dry sand, other toilet paper or newspaper paper. Whichever fill you choose, it is important to clean the toilet after each time your cat visits it.

If you have a little kitten in your house, you have to get him used to the toilet. It’s not hard to do, but you’ll need patience. It’s important to choose a place for your cat’s litter box in advance and not to change it. The optimal age for a kitten to be accustomed to the toilet is 4-6 weeks. He’ll get used to it in 1-2 weeks.

Unlike dogs, for cats the whole house is their property. They can walk freely in places that are not allowed for them: tables, beds, cabinets. Therefore, it is important to get your kitten used to the order in advance by marking the places that are forbidden for her.

Cat nutrition

Nutrition is a fundamental factor in your cat’s health. It should be fed at the same time. If your cat is a thoroughbred cat, such as a Persian cat, you should ask in advance how to feed your cat. A salesman or veterinarian can tell you about it.

If your cat is a regular cat, then feeding her food also requires your attention. It’s best not to give your cat too spicy, salty or fried food. If you prefer to use dry food, it is best to choose the best possible advantage. It’s important to make sure you have enough liquid for your pet. Water should always be fresh and clean.

Forced feeding is always bad because the animal knows how much food it needs. The food should be at room temperature. Don’t let your pet beg. Cereal sprouts, such as millet or oats, may be useful for your cat.

Caring for the hair and body of a cat

Cat care involves taking care of her hair. She should always be cared for, whether your cat is long-haired or short-haired. Brush your cat’s hair as often as you can using hairbrushes. Your pet’s skin and hair should be checked for diseases and parasites. These include, for example, ticks and fleas.

Cats are clean cats, and they can usually keep their bodies clean by licking their coat. Around once a month, the pet needs to bathe in warm water using a special shampoo. After bathing is complete, dry your pet with a towel, protect him from draughts, and keep him outside.

Claws, ears and eyes

It’s also worth taking care of your cat’s claws, eyes and ears. Usually your cat sharpens her nails on her own and will benefit from a special scratching post. It’s a good idea to get your cat accustomed to the claw point immediately, so she can save her furniture and wallpaper.

However, the claws are still too long, and cause the animal discomfort. Therefore, you need to trim the cat’s claws, we recommend to trim the claws in the grooming salon, as there is a high probability of damaging the foot, but if you decide to do it yourself, it is worth holding on to the algorithm of cutting the claws next:

  • Take the cat by the paw;
  • Hold down the lamp with your fingers;
  • Pull out the claw, and gently cut with a pair of scissors so as not to damage the skin;
  • Do the same with the other claws.
  • This procedure should be repeated every two weeks.

The cat’s ears should be cleaned with a cotton swab previously soaked in alcohol or vegetable oil. Dirt and excess sulfur are removed from the ear sink.

However, you should never touch the ear canal. Taking care of your cat’s eyes involves wiping them with a soft cloth soaked in warm water. This helps to eliminate the accumulation of cat’s eyes.

The cat should have its own sleeping place. This can be a pillow or a basket and a special cat house. The place needs to be regularly ventilated. You shouldn’t put a cat’s sleeping place on a draught, as she risks catching a cold. It is also very important to clean it regularly.

The right way of life

Don’t forget that the animal needs to be active. So you should play with your cat. It is not necessary to buy special toys for this, you can make something yourself. Cats are especially encouraged by what rustles and rustles.

Even a regular candy wrapper can bring your cat incredible joy. The answer to the question of how to care for a cat is simple enough – it’s important to know what she wants and provide her with it. Learn how to understand the animal and then you will always understand its requirements.